Re: Sugar Beets in Cattle Cars

Richard Townsend

At least at the sugar plants I am aware of in Colorado, beets were not crushed into pulp. They were put through a slicer that cut them into “cossettes” that resembled French fries but with a triangular cross-section. They then went through various cooking and centrifugal processes to extract the sugar. At each stage the result was some form of liquid with more or less sugar content. I haven’t heard of any of the juices being shipped to other places outside the originating sugar factory. They did ship molasses in tank cars as it was considered to be a waste product. The remains of the beets came out as a pulp but that was a result of the refining process, not any initial crushing like with sugar cane.

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Thomas Birkett wrote:

I hesitate to mention the cars I leased out for beet juice that were last contained sodium hydroxide, not clean. We don't buy beet derived sugar at our house.
Another question: in the steam era were beets crushed and the juice sent to another location for final processing? Always looking for a tank car connection for layout industries.

      Sugar beets were partially steam cooked and shredded, and the pulp was the source of sugar. (Done all at one plant.) I would think that "beet juice" would be a vegetable juice, not from sugar beets at all. 

Tony Thompson

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