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Douglas Harding

The sugar beet plants in the Midwest, ie Iowa and Minnesota, were all in one processors. Sugar beets came in, in any available car, and bags of refined sugar was shipped out in boxcars. Liquid sugar and Molasses was shipped out in tankcars. I far as I know the only thing arriving in tankcars was fuel for boilers.


Doug Harding


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I hesitate to mention the cars I leased out for beet juice that were last contained sodium hydroxide, not clean. We don't buy beet derived sugar at our house.

Another question: in the steam era were beets crushed and the juice sent to another location for final processing? Always looking for a tank car connection for layout industries.

Tom Birkett, Bartlesville, OK




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They lined stock cars with cardboard and used them to ship grain, so why worry about sugar beets? Nothing like high protein corn flakes.

Steve Sandifer


On Mon, Oct 26, 2020 at 11:34 AM, Jerry Michels

Wouldn't stock cars used for sugar beets and cabbage be cleaned out beforehand?  They were cleaned out after a cattle shipment.  Regarding sugar beets.  They are refined to such an extent that no contamination would remain.  It is a pretty neat process I saw at the Holly Sugar plant in Hereford, TX, before it closed.  Dirty beets go in, pure white sugar comes out.  Jerry Michels

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