Re: Sugar Beets in Cattle Cars

Thomas Evans <tomkevans@...>

My experience with the Rocky Ford factory confirms what Richard & Doug have said.
Beets in - granulated sugar out - no juice either came or went.
In later years, they built a concrete silo & shipped granulated sugar out in covered hoppers as well as bagged.
I understand that some other factories shipped refined liquid sugar in bulk, but I'm not well informed on this.
The pulp went out a pipe to the "pulp pit" where farmers could pick it up to make silage for cattle feed.
(That's the part that really stank!)
I understand that some other factories dried & pelletized the pulp, but, again, this is outside my experience.
The use of beet juice as a substitute for road salt on highways in the winter is a modern development post-closure of the Rocky Ford factory.

Tom E.

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