Eric Hansmann

Anytime you go online to a website or search engine, your data is being harvested. You don’t need to be on Facebook for this to happen.


You can put as many apps on the browser to restrict these actions, but data seeps through. Same when you watch a streaming channel. Same when you use an Alexa device. Heck, I’d be very surprised if is not collecting data.


If you want your info kept off line, then don’t go online. Even then, marketing companies use public records to target audiences for robo calling and US mail deliveries. Auto registration, property details, voter registration, and more are part of the public record and regularly requested by marketing firms.


I’m online and enjoy staying connected with this bunch, and others, to discuss steam era freight cars and other hobby topics. How else will you find out the next releases from Exact Rail, Rapido, Resin Car Works, Southbound Modelworks, Speedwitch Media, Tangent, Yarmouth Model Works, and others without being online? Not all of them advertise in print media, and many times the models are nearly gone by the time you read the magazine and decide to order.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN



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Complete agreement!




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IMHO facebook is still as evil as ever!
Their sole purpose is harvesting your personal information to sell at a profit to whoever wants it with no known social responsibility.
If you're OK with that, go for it, but, as for me, I'd rather do without the information.
Luckily, you can still get into most facebook sites without being a member & harvest what you need,
but I understand that still opens you up to some extent to their data harvesting operations. (I'm not sure exactly how?)

Tom E.

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