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I appreciate that, Tony!


In my research, I have noted the lack of good knowledge on the “steel” road cars, primarily USS-related, but also Beth Steel, J&L, and others.  I have eagerly awaited the treatise on the related roads, like EJ&E, URR of Pittsburgh, Lake Terminal, BS, McKeesport Connecting, and others, but expect it is not coming.  They were extremely interrelated, constantly trading, and continuously rebuilding various classes to make them more durable.  Therefore, extremely hard to track.


Nevertheless, I have seen these roads’ cars all over the country in photos, so folks should take note!  Here’s how unappreciated some of these cars were:


Lake Terminal







50’6” IL, 70-t, 3’IH, 1439 cuft Gondola

Photo of 2197 c. 60’s? shows black with white lettering and diamond logo; Geo. Elwood site

199 cars – 1/53; 169 cars – 1/64

McKeesport Connecting







50’6” IL, 70-t, 3’IH, 1439 cuft Gondola

Black, White Lettering

100 cars – 1/53; 100 cars – 1/64

Union RR

G-8 – 6000-6099

G-9 or GB-9 – 6100-6999 (also see 9000 series)


50’6” IL, 70-t, 3’IH, 1439 cuft Gondola

Partially obscured photo in Pitt digital collection shows “likely” either 6281 or 9281 (only last 3 digits visible) in black and white shows centered logo, “UNION” in right panel, and reporting to left.

An additional photo in my archive as “carrie66” shows #6045 in 1966

999 cars – 1/50; only 609 by 10/52; 0 in 7/57; 6000-6099 – 1937; 6100-6999 – 899 cars – built 1937


Elden Gatwood


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Elden Gatwood wrote:

No one currently makes a gondola model of this guy, but there is a nice F&C kit of the later 50’ URR gons unique to the “steel’ roads like URR, McKCon, Lake Terminal and others.  Everyone needs at least one of these guys.


    Exactly right! I happen to have that F&C kit on my workbench as I type.


Tony Thompson




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