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Most people simply don't understand the technology.

If you USE the internet for anything at all, there are hundreds of entities out there gathering information about you.
Sometimes (like China's ability to track nearly EVERYONE through their phones) it can be employed to help protect
everyone - but mostly that's not its real purpose.

The anti-trust action against Google (and perhaps Amazon and Facebook and Apple and others) is largely based
on their domination
(and syndication) of the market of all kinds of infrastructure as well as price fixing and other actions.
Many people think Amazon is a giant retailer but the truth is that they make vastly more PROFIT from internet services
(mostly to other businesses) than from any other business.

Some good protections - (1) avoid "smart phone" use [flip phones are safer] (2) surf ANONYMOUSLY - which means
(2a) use "incognito" or other modes that hide your identity and (2b) use a VPN - virtual private network - service. This
service encrypts EVERYTHING you do so that neither your ISP nor anyone else can see which web sites you visit --
the web sites themselves cannot tell who you are unless you LOG IN and tell them. Your VPN service can tell, but that
just means you should get a trustworthy VPN service. They do exist.

Yeah, Facebook knows I like trains (especially FREIGHT CARS), knows I'm a Democrat, and knows who my friends are.
Whoop de doo. Good luck getting any money from me from any of that. (Money is the primary purpose I alluded to above.)
They're welcome to sell the information to others since it won't do the buyers any good either.

Many people create fake name profiles using private (but not your personal) email accounts. Then the "trackers" can
only follow that fake person - who as long as you take the other precautions above, will not resemble the real you. I
have never gone this far - although I have yahoo & gmail & comcast profiles - but the idea has appeal. :-)

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Complete agreement!




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IMHO facebook is still as evil as ever!
Their sole purpose is harvesting your personal information to sell at a profit to whoever wants it with no known social responsibility.
If you're OK with that, go for it, but, as for me, I'd rather do without the information.
Luckily, you can still get into most facebook sites without being a member & harvest what you need,
but I understand that still opens you up to some extent to their data harvesting operations. (I'm not sure exactly how?)

Tom E.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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