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You could think of this as getting 3 times the modeling pleasure from a single car.

I spent a similar amount of time kitbashing several RC refrigerators from R-30-12s to R-30-13s using Tichy R-40 underframe parts per Richard Hendrickson. At least I can brag my WP cars are closer to correct than what RC offered.

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Garth Groff  🦆

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 12:47 PM radiodial868 <radiodial57@...> wrote:
I asked about a year ago what could be done with those nicely painted Red Caboose NP Reefers yoiu find on eBay, and with y'alls input, here are the results from working on them now and then over the course of the year.

Roofs are narrowed down Central Valley Model Works. Underframes are from Tichy flatcars with added handbrake force multipliers per the prototype. Compromises?  Doors are not completely correct, as are the roof hatch icing platforms - but then again this wasn't meant to be a scratchbuild.  I spent waaayy too much time on these as it was.  Not sure about the end ladders on the rebuilds, but once again, ya got to have limits.  

In the photos you guys provided, one was of a cool truss-rod version (94000 series) with grabs in the Yellowstone scheme.  Down the rabbit hole I went on that, but duplicated it pretty close.

Since the CVMW roofs came in a 3 pack, I then decided to bash another in the plain post-Yellowstone scheme, using a PFE donor and Microscale decals.  Notice the difference between the NP fonts on the two!  Ugh.
Well, that's it.  What is interesting is that I could have built 9 resin kits in the same manhours it took to do these 3 kitbashes. 
RJ Dial

Mendocino, CA


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