Re: Decals for scale locations and light weights

Bruce Smith

Champ decals did this. They subdivided the railroads by region, and then provided reweigh codes for each railroad. They also provided a separate sheet of reweigh dates.

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Charlie Duckworth wrote:
"I’ve been kicking around an idea with Hubert Mask on having a decal set made with the most common weight locations by railroad.  I have a comprehensive list of Mopac locations but would need help with the other railroads.   I told Hubert I’d be happy to compile a list if the group members would send me the top six or eight locations.  Obviously I don’t want the full name but the ‘short name’ the railroad used in there stencil.  As example for the MP Kingsville was KV, Alexandria was ALEX. The decal sheet would be alphabetized by railroad so if you are wanting to restenciled a ATSF boxcar it would be easy to find.   He’ll also include a set of light weights."

Check the group Files section for the Reweigh Symbol spreadsheet.  It's crowdsourced and could probably use a bit of QA, but it's been there for years.

Ben Hom

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