Re: Decals for scale locations and light weights -- L&N reweigh stations

Steven D Johnson

I’d really like to see such a comprehensive set done!


Here are some L&N ones we were discussing on the L&N group a while back. There are several messages, so scroll down.  Some of these are post-1960, but I still wouldn’t mind them being included to update “steam era” cars…I do model the 1960s too! 


Steve Johnson



On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 10:24 AM Charles Peck via Groups.Io <> wrote:

While I cannot say which ones actually did the most reweighs, I can offer a list.

Then I'll point out the ones I remember seeing most often.


BOY    Boyles AL

COR     Corbin KY

COV      Covington KY

DEC       DeCoursey  KY

LOU      Louisville  KY

NAS      Nashville  TN

RAD      Radnor  TN

SLS        South Louisville Shops  at Louisville KY


The ones I remember seeing most often were SLS, BOY, and RAD.

Those may or may not have been the busiest location, merely the ones I saw most often.

Chuck Peck



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Here’s a thread about this subject from back in 2018.  I just forwarded the last e-mail I have on the subject.


Steve Johnson


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MOB = Mobile Ala

PEN = Pensacola,Fla

MONT= Montgomery, Ala

BIR = Birmingham, Ala

On April 19, 2018 at 7:40 PM "'Steven D Johnson' tenncentralrwy@... [lnrr]" <lnrr@...> wrote:

A few more:  

SLS = South Louisville Shops

RAD = Radnor Yard (Nashville)

HWL = Howell Yard (Evansville)  

Also, sometime ca. the early 1980s, “L&N”  started being used…  

I have also seen Lafayette done as “LAFAY”...  

Older ones were PRS = Paris TN Shops – this abbreviation was in use until just after the NC&StL merger, when the Paris Shops were closed, and LOU for Louisville.   

I think Stuart is correct about Ravenna.  RAV perhaps?  

Steve Johnson     

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There was also:

LOY - Loyall

HAZ - Hazard  

There may also have been a code for Ravenna but I can't remember seeing one off the top of my head.

  Stuart Thayer 

On Apr 19, 2018, at 6:34 AM, pat.dowler@... [lnrr] <lnrr@...> wrote:

I have been trying to figure out what car shop location abbreviations were used on the L&N between the late 60's and mid 70's, when adoption of the COTS stencil pretty much killed off revision of the periodic shopping code on the left side of the car, as part of the weight/capacity data.  I believe during this time frame the periodic inspect/test/reweigh requirements boiled down to every 48 months for cars with roofs, and every 24 months for cars without.  The car shop codes I have observed are:
SLS - South Louisville Shops

DEC - Decoursey KY
LAF - Lafayette IN (old Monon shops)
EV - Howell Yard, Evansville IN
BOY - Boyles Yard, Birmingham AL?
StL - St Louis?
JAX - Jacksonville FL? (particularly Fruit Growers Express RBLs)
EC - ?
ER - ?
TY - ?

Can anyone provide some clarification on these shop location abbreviations, or add to the list for L&N freight car shops performing the periodic sho ppings in the late 60's/early 70's?  

Pat Dowler,
Parker, Colorado

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