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Peter Ness

1955 was when the repaint and renumbering on the New Haven 30000-series boxcars began.  This boxcars were sold to Hyman-Michaels and leased back by the New Haven starting in 1955.  The first few boxcars (1-3 total) were renumbered but repainted in the prior freight car red with script herald before the “McGinnis schemes” developed by Herbert Matter were approved with drawings and applied.


Mrs. McGinnis’s involvement with the paint scheme was limited to the EP-5 electric motors; On a visit to preview the first two units, one was painted yellow/black/white, the other painted red-orange/black/white.  The story goes she was dressed in a red/black/white color combination for the visit, which influenced the final color scheme decision.


These boxcars were 10’ IH 1937 AAR design and the Red Caboose as well as Intermountain and Branchline models are accurate models. The freight cars page on my website has information on these cars and models.  Goggle New Haven Railroad in 1959 for a link.


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When did New Haven first start painting boxcars in the bright orange and orange and black paint schemes?


I attached an image of the Red Caboose HO model as an example.  They also do one with an orange body and black door.  Did the two versions first appear at the same time or at different times?


Much appreciated!


Allen Cain

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