Re: Lipstick on a pig - detailing an Accurail box car

Paul Doggett

Looking Good Clark I look forward to seeing the finished cars.

Paul Doggett 

On 31 Oct 2020, at 16:22, Clark Propst <> wrote:

In the past I've detailed a couple Accurail single sheathed cars for CB&Q and MKT and wasn't looking forward to do it again. I picked this model up from an estate cheap and thought alls I needed to do was carve off the grabs and replace them with Tichy...Dummy me. I made the mistake of getting out the Milwaukee freight car color book. It has several pictures of cars like the model. First off I noticed the diagonal corner straps and the door stop. Then I noticed the model had the post 53 tilted box emblem and I model 48-50, so what the hell I'll add the straps which meant the ladder had to come off. I found some leftover resin ones that were close enough replacements. The ends took the most work scrapping off everything except the two center verticals. I did reuse the brake step. About half way through it dawned on me I had a Sunshine model of this car! Gave it a quick once over to see if I was on the right track and mostly followed the book's photos. The model's been washed, waiting for it to dry then I'll paint with Scalecoat so it'll be awhile before I can decal. 
Clark Propst


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