Re: Accurail 1800 series bocxcar kitbash

Don Burn

The definitive information on the D&H 36' boxcars is the two part article on them in the November and December 1987 RMC. It includes plans of the three ends used.

Don Burn

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I was looking at Ray Breyer's discussion of the Accurail 1800 series boxcar and kitbash posiblities for the D&H 36' DS boxcar. I would like to find more information on the "indestructible end" and the inverse Hutchins end. I know that Funaro has models with the inverse Hutchins ends so they may be a source if they sell the ends separately. Are there any other possible sources for this end?

Are there any drawings or articles which I can reference to bash the "indestructible ends"?


Chuck Cover
Santa Fe, NM

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