Re: Photo: CN Eight-Hatch Reefer 209500 (1941)

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


And the CN cars did get down into the US. In James H. Harrison's SACRAMENTO NORTHERN GALLERY there is a photo of one taken about 1956 on the SN (pulled by a GE steeple cab!) at Lake Temescal near Oakland, California. The car in the photo wears the later gray paint scheme. Since the train is eastbound, I presume the car is empty and was going home via the WP and GN. It most certainly was unloaded on the partially-WP owned Oakland Terminal, since nearly all the SN's eastbound traffic out of Oakland came off the OT (the SN only served team tracks west of Laffayette and had no major customers of their own). Why it would have appeared in the Bay Area is a head scratcher. My best guess is it arrived with some specialty Canadian meat or fish product.

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Photo: CN Eight-Hatch Reefer 209500 (1941)

A photo from the National Archives of Canada:

This photo can be enlarged quite a bit.

Car built in 1939.

I understand PFE and Fruit Growers also had a few refrigerator cars of the eight hatch/overhead bunker design.

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