Re: Decals for scale locations and light weights

Bruce Smith


After extensive review (over lunch, looking at some photos), the PRR's top scale codes are:

Hands down winners, as in the VAST majority of cars show these three (Which makes sense, given the location of PRR car shops):

P50 PRR Enola PA
P57 PRR East Altoona WH PA Altoona
P62 PRR Hollidaysburg, EB PA

Well represented, but not as much as the above (and also allowing the inclusion of some Lines West scales):

P205 PRR Hump, Metal Yard PA Pitcairn
P330 PRR West Side PA New Castle
P441 PRR Car Shop IN Ft. Wayne
P712 PRR Terre Haute IN New Shop

Note that in providing these 7, you provide all of the digits needed to bash your own code from 1 to 776.. If you were to slip in a couple of 8's and 9's, you could basically bash any PRR scale code.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Decals for scale locations and light weights
I had great response from several of the list members but am needing the top 6-8 scale locations for the following private car owners and railroads:
B&O, BM, C&O, CN, CP, Erie, FGEX, GATX, GTW, GN, L&N, MILW, NKP, NP, NYNH&H,N&W,  PM, PRR, Soo, Seaboard, SOUTHERN.
Thanks for your help.

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Charlie Duckworth
Charlie Duckworth 
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