Lawrence Rast


Your contributions to my modeling have been invaluable. Thank you! 

I say this also as a fellow Div School student. I started my PhD at Vandy in American Church History/American History in 1991 working with Jack Fitzmier and Dale Johnson. Just missed you there. 

Be assured that you are in my thoughts—and thanks again for all you’ve done for the hobby!

Lawrence Rast
Fort Wayne, Indiana

On Nov 2, 2020, at 12:00 PM, Bill Welch <fgexbill@...> wrote:

 As some of know by now about 3.5 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, which is almost always fatal. I have not been told as yet what my longevity may but I am preparing for a short time. My executive function is at a high level and shortly after I received my diagnosis I began planning my Memorial Service. As some of you know I am an Ordained Unitarian Universalist Minister having received my M.Div. Degree from Vanderbilt Divinity School in 1990 after a rewarding career as a Photojournalist at The TENNESSEAN in Nashville TN. My ministerial colleagues are encouraging me to have this service while I am still alive so I am proceeding to do it while I am alive and plan to keep people informed as to time, date, and Zoom Info. A few close Model RR buddies—Ted Culotta, Eric Hansmann, George Toman, Lester Breuer and The Reverend Doug Harding–will have a role in pulling together the Hobby Related segment of the Memorial Service in case you have anything you want to offer up to them. Friends from my news photographer days will show some of their favorite photos from that rewarding part of my life.

I want everyone to feel comfortable—agnostic, atheist, nonreligious, believers and members of all religious traditions. I am a political liberal and intenstly patriotic and examples of leadership from the life of General and President US Grant will be offered up as well as some martial music. Ministerial friends will give me grief as they share much of what they find humorous or profound about in my religious journey and leadership.

Musically there will be some Buddy Holly, Gene Pitney, Joe South and Blues inspired Mississippi Hill Music with 12–String guitar. 

Medically I began Chemotherapy last Friday and this went well, perhaps because it was the first one. My adjustment to my new reality is no doubt aided by my love and interest in Zen Buddhism that does help me adjust to my new reality. My primary teacher is Thich Nhat Hanh:


  *                *                *

Regarding my Two Volumes about the FGE/WFE/BRE/NX System, Ted Culotta will eventually take it over with several other friends pitching in to help him. Our intent is that this set of books will among the most beautiful and luxurious books if their kind ever published. They will have a lavish number of photos and if the posse we intend to assemble is able to find a capable and creative artist and illustrator, it will have many charts, tables, and maps to amplify the text and photos. Be patient, it will be worth it.

Model On Ya’ll

Bill Welch

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