Peter Ness

Hi Bill,


First, you are in my prayers.


Second, thank you so much for your contributions and continuous sharing of techniques and information and the motivation and inspiration you provide on a consistent basis..


While I struggle to learn about only one railroad, I truly appreciate your efforts as well as those of others, who dig into the “big picture”.  The information you’ve shared on the FGE/WFE/BRE/NX System, my opinion, has been a godsend; saving me a lot of mistakes and educating me at the same time, and allowing me to stay on the path to research the NHRR even more.


We’ve never met, but on another railroad-topic group a fellow informed me of the detailed construction of a specific prototype.  While thanking him, I told him I had neither the patience nor fortitude to count that many features from a photo. His response;


“Meah, our motto is “We count the rivets…., so you don’t have to.”  <g>”


That is also how you seem to me!


Peter Ness

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