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Rupert Gamlen

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More advances in technology


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] 3D SLA printing services offered


Now that I’ve put about 10 weeks behind me on the new FormLabs Form3 SLA printing system, I’m comfortable in offering custom printed parts to y’all.  Parts are built in clear resin at .002” layer thickness (.001” thickness is available but part cost is higher due to 2x the build time; .004” layers also available but fine detail, like HO rivets, will not build).


The “Form3” is a state-of-art, “resin” StereoLithography printing system.  Don’t confuse it with printers that feed spooled plastic thru heated nozzles and deposit the softened material in thicker layers.  While some systems, like PolyJet, can print in layers as thin as .0005”, the resolution is not as fine because the SLA system uses a UV-cured liquid driven by an 85 micron laser diameter versus a bridge of nozzles that turn off and off as the layers are deposited.


I can also reverse engineer parts that you provide, such as passenger car roof vents, vestibule steps and brake parts.  Some parts are easier to reverse engineer than others; more complex and/or larger parts take longer and that’s where it’s best if you provide me with a ready-to-print 3D CAD file.  Any part I reverse engineer MUST be out of production and no longer commercially available.


Parts larger than 5.65” square, such as car sides, require building in sections which you can easily join using CA and a styrene patch plate across the joint.


You can view the 3-pc SLA printing system on the main page of my web site (link is below).  Contact me off-list to discuss your next project.


Jim King



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