Re: Banned from Interchange - was Re: Real or no?

Charles Peck

Granted, truss rod cars survived in their own era.  Times change. 
Mix even a good truss rod car into a string of 100 ton hoppers,
let the slack run out, and you have a lot of toothpicks. 
What worked yesterday does not always stand up to current usage.
Chuck Peck

On Thu, Nov 5, 2020 at 2:13 PM steve_wintner via <> wrote:
I guess I'd take a bit of the other view. Truss rods worked just fine for decades, so I don't see a well maintained truss rod car as putting workers at risk, especially in limited service as Larry pointed out. Same thing for solid bearings (if well maintained).

I think a lot of these changes were about requiring less maintenance and choosing better practices going forward - which is not to say the old way was unsafe. 

(I grant, I'm not so sure MOW cars always had their solid bearings looked after properly)

Now an AFC truck, that is another matter. A truck that is known to derail certainly is putting the crew and any public near the right of way at risk. Unacceptable. Even if s you know for certain that the flaw is at speed, and set a much lower speed limit, I'd have issues.

I work on aircraft as an engineer, that certainly is how we approach things. Even flight test aircraft have to meet a high standard of safety. I assume the railroads did too.

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