Re: Photo: Armored CN Gondola With Anti-Aircraft Guns (1942)

Daniel A. Mitchell

Agree that they are 40mm Bofors automatic canons … effective light anti-aircrft guns. As for  “armor”, I hardly see any. Some kind of covers have been placed over the trucks, but they just look like thin steel. The gondola just appears to be a regular gondola, complete with dents in the side panels … hardly armored, just mild steel. This would offer only the lightest protection from small arms fire and shrapnel. One needs at least 5/8” of armor plate to offer any real protection from even a heavy machine gun, let alone any kind of artillery or canon fire. The 30cal or 50cal machine gun fire, or 20mm canon fire from an attack aircraft would really tear this thing up.

Dan MItchell

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Photo: Armored CN Gondola With Anti-Aircraft Guns (1942)
A photo from the National Archives of Canada:
This photo can be enlarged quite a bit.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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