Re: Banned from Interchange - was Re: Real or no?

Tony Thompson

steve wintner wrote:

Now an AFC truck, that is another matter. A truck that is known to derail certainly is putting the crew and any public near the right of way at risk. Unacceptable. Even if s you know for certain that the flaw is at speed, and set a much lower speed limit, I'd have issues.

     The word "known" in the second sentence is open to debate. Santa Fe had a couple of destructive high-speed derailments that they blamed on the Allied truck. Seaboard also had problems and would not accept cars in interchange if they had that truck. SP had the trucks on some express cars and had no problems, but withdrew them because of the risk they might go somewhere and not be accepted (I have seen the memos). This was in the early 1950s, long before the interchange ban.

Tony Thompson

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