Re: Photo: Monon Covered Hopper 4240

Mont Switzer

Monon LO  of that size handled cement. Foundry sand,  limestone dust primary. 

Mont Switzer 

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I am modeling 1952-53 so would be looking for info on what might have been the scheme in that period. A very faded car gray car might be an interesting addition to the fleet. 

I will also second the question regarding the load and service of these cars. 

Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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Adding to Mike's response, I started watching Monon rolling stock closely from 1963 on and never saw a gray one.
  Few photos exist.


Sunshine offered a mini-kit for this car and Bowser offered the full on paint and lettering on a r-t-r model.


Mont Switzer

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4-5 years at the most, I have a "Bob's" photo from 1952 and the paint is barely legible.  They were repainted in the scheme used by the Kato models.


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