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Mont Switzer

Mike and all,

As far as I know the Ottawa, IL sand went to Chrysler Foundry on Indianapolis west side.  Sand from Michigan City may have gone there too. 

FYI Chrysler Foundry consumed 1000 cu. Ft.. Of sand every 4 hours Monday thru Friday.  On weekends volume went to 1000 cf every 8 hours.

Mont Switzer 

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The Bob's photo I mentioned was taken in Ottawa IL, famous for it's silica sand pits.  I have been told by an ex-Monon employee these were in glass service for a Chrysler windshield plant in Indianapolis.  I have not been able to find out much about this, however.   Does anyone know about this factory?

In the Monon conductor's reports I have they carry mostly cement, and I think that is why they were purchased.  The Monon served a large cement plant south of Greencastle IN.  (at a station name called "Cement" !)  The cars also carried soda ash and lime.  It is not recorded in these reports, but I have heard they also carried 'limestone dust'; a waste product from stone cutting mills that is used in the cosmetics industry.


Mike Aufderheide

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