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John Barry

No Schuyler,

It SEAMED like a good idea.  

Seriously, I was impressed by the detail of the roof construction.

John Barry
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Tom, I doubt a GN car would have the word NORTHE . . . stenciled on the side . . .


But other than that, I think it’s interesting that the boards making up the roof have two grooves milled into them, one along each edge, and are alternated so that whatever water goes through the joints of the upper layer has a good chance of getting into the grooves of the lower layer and then draining out.


Seemed like a good design at the time . . .




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The attached photo is in the current issue of a historical society publication from my home area in northeastern PA. (Scan courtesy of the editor.) The caption states "Sam Nevin in Columbia Township, Flathead County, Montana". Sam was a sawmill laborer who arrived there in 1900 and by 1910 was back in PA. Interesting pattern in the wood sheathed roof, and look at how neat those stacks of lumber are. Probably a GN car as that's GN country.

Tom Madden

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