Richard Remiarz

I decided to build and detail some of the plastic boxcar kits I have left in my kit stash.  The first two completed cars are CP 254714 and A&WP 37646.


CP 254714 is an Intermountain Postwar AAR boxcar kit, which includes the correct ladders for Canadian cars.  I lowered the bolsters to bring the car down to the correct height (as I now do on all Intermountain boxcar kits).  The car was upgraded with Kadee #158 scale couplers, 2001 roof walk, and 441 brake pads; IM 0.088 wheelsets, and A-Line Type A sill steps.  In addition, the side sills were modified to match the prototype and coupler lift bars were made from 0.012 wire.  The car was weathered with Pan Pastel Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark, Raw Umber, and Neutral Grey Extra Dark and Polly Scale Rust.  Sunshine chalk marks and Champ Decals reweigh dates and station symbols were used along with Microscale TF-13 Trim Film.


A&WP 37646 is a Branchline Postwar AAR boxcar kit.  I added Kato ASF A-3 trucks with ReBoxx WS20950 0.088 wheelsets, DA Miner Hand Brake and Housing, an Improved Youngstown 5/5/4 door from my scrap box, Kadee 158 couplers and 2002 Apex roof walk;  Tangent TSM203 coupler lift bars, and HiTech Details 6040 air hoses and brackets.  The car was weathered with Pan Pastel Permanent Extra Dark Red, Raw Umber, and Black and Polly Scale Rust.  Sunshine chalk marks, reweigh and repack data, and reweigh data decals were used, along with Microscale TF-24 Trim Film.



Rich Remiarz

Vadnais Heights, MN




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