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Schuyler Larrabee

Claus, I think you’re correct, however, I misread your statement to begin with, which made me go measure some dimensions on a SERB, and on a handy eXacto blade.


My SERB is .01” thick and the dimension of the ground part on the side is .040”, so the included angle between the two ground faces works out to ~14d, 20 minutes.  I thought it would be less.


The eXacto is .026” thick with a ground face of 0.075”.  The included angle is therefore ~18d 05minutes.


There, the SERB is sharper than the eXacto.


Then it dawned on me that you were looking at the SIDE view of the blades . . . and I suppose you’re correct about the strength of the corner vs the pointed tip of the eXacto.  But I’ve never had one break off so it didn’t occur to me that that was what you’re talking about.


Nevertheless I now have a Real Answer as to which is sharper!




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Hi Ed and List Members,


Ed wrote: "Even single edge razor blades are much better than hobby blades for many jobs"


I also have found this to be true. My theory on the topic is that the tip on a single edge razor blade is a 90 degree angle, and the tip on a #11 X-Acto is a much more acute angle, sort of like the tip on the end of a slice of pizza. I suspect it is this acute angle that makes it susceptible to breaking off more easily than the single edge razor blade


Claus Schlund



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Years ago I discovered that medical grade blades are vastly superior to hobby grade blades. They are made from high quality steel, are sharper and hold their edge much longer. Even single edge razor blades are much better than hobby blades for many jobs.

Ed Mims
Jacksonville, FL

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