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A very interesting photo; if I go by the assigned car number, this is a lot 222-B WUF boxcar built in 1907 by ACF to their lot number 4633. The car as shown would then represent a significant rebuilding at the East Buffalo shops in 1912 with the newly designed Kendig steel under frame applied, steel ends , early XLA roof,  Bettendorf cast trucks. and new door hardware. No problem for the accountants to stencil it as “NEW”  Two builder’s photos of the 1907 car are on the Westerfield ACF CD.

Roger Hinman

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Photo: Photo: NYC&HR Boxcar 100145
A photo from the National Archives of Canada:
This photo can be enlarged quite a bit.
Possibly built in 1912.
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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