Re: Accurail Milw 16xxx

Douglas Harding

Done, just emailed Clark’s original post.


Doug Harding


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Paul Doggett wrote:



There were four photos two of each car.”


Hi Paul.

   I wish that were so as I have only the two of the rib side car.  Don’t know whether it is my

half vast Internet service provider (Consolidated Communication which swallowed up Fairpoint

after it bought out Verizon’s land lines in Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont) or what but

Consolidated paid over $100k in fines to Vermont already this year over poor service issues and

the service is still the pits.  


    Perhaps someone can forward the two photos of the SS car to me separately. It is of interest

because they were common in this area in the late 1940’s.


Cordially Don Valentine




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