Re: Was there ever a clinic on Delano-based paint and weathering?

Benjamin Hom

Rob Kirkham asked:
"Just wondering if anyone ever did a clinic on finishing WWII era rolling stock based on the Delano photos in the Library of Congress?  I'd love to know what conclusions the presenter reached. 

I see in the list archives some good old conversations about the photos, weathering, and Richard Hendrickson's comments about climbing on the rolling stock as a kid, and how really filthy the cars were; and that modellers who are used to seeing later era rolling stock find that hard to accept (I wonder if I'm among that crowd).   In another place he commented that paint coats and how they weathered in later eras is different - and so, weathering techniques for later eras have less use for models set in the steam era."

For starters, review Richard's article "Vintage Dating Freight Cars" starting on page 32 of the December 1995 issue of Railmodel Journal:
This is required reading for anyone doing weathering, as the underlying argument holds for all eras - freight car fleets are dynamic; not everything is brand new not beat to death, but a range of vintages and repair.

Almost all weathering "how-to" articles have the same flaws:
1. They can't see the forest for the trees (see above Hendrickson article).
2. The technique covered is presented as a silver bullet that will replicate every weathering effect.
3. The technique covered is "so easy, a vestie can do it".

Ben Hom


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