Re: Was there ever a clinic on Delano-based paint and weathering?

Robert kirkham

Sorry - hit send in error.  More below. Rob

On Nov 13, 2020, at 12:55 PM, Robert Kirkham <rdkirkham@...> wrote:

In addition to Delano, there are other sources for WWII (or close) colour info on railway equipment.  Folks have posted video links here over the years.   Sometimes it is not 100% clear what vintage the film is, but I am still willing to be informed by it.   For example,  some stills from Periscope vintage films, number 70892:

While the film has a number of shots in extreme or poor light, there are also images like these that I think are quite useful.  I think one element that is important to the appearance of cars in this image is the strength of the shadows cast by the overhead sun.  It makes the side braces and other features look darker than the sunlit portions.  But interesting nonetheless.


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