Was there ever a clinic on Delano-based paint and weathering?

Andy Carlson

Since my becoming a RR slide collector I have a rule of thumb as a critic of color images. I imagine that what view I am looking at is from the view looking outside from the inside of an open window. If I feel that I can be fooled into believing I am viewing a real outside image, I consider the slide to be good. Almost all slides which pass this test are Kodachromes taken in "Kodachrome" lighting (Nice full sun).

The image posted on a current cover of one of Ted Cullota's offerings is a Delano photo of New Mexico in 1942. That image views well in my believability function. I would trust any colors from that to be superior and much more trusted than any image photo-minipulated.

-Andy Carlson, Ojai CA

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I have similar concerns.  I’ve pulled a fair number of Delano’s photos into a top end photo editor and “adjusted” them.  They look better.  But what I wonder is this: Is today’s “better” simply artificially saturated?  Is today’s “better” bright, clear light that maybe wasn’t present when the photo was taken?  Delano was shooting in December.  I know Chicago Decembers and there are more than a fair share of pretty gloomy days.


All of which leaves me wondering the exact same question raised by Dave Evans, below – that maybe these old images ARE exactly what freight cars looked like in December, 1943, in and around Chicago.  I just don’t know but I do hesitate to label them off in any way.


Dave Nelson


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Re: Delano film color

I thought Delano's WWII color film was Kodachrome? Arguably the most accurate and stable color film of that era?

What better reference do we have?
Dave Evans

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