Re: Pool Service into California

Bob Chaparro

Just to add some where and when to the post, there were a number of automobile assembly plants in Southern California dating back to 1916. Below is a list, which may be incomplete. This list does not include several truck assembly plants that were located in Southern California as well.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA


Southern California Automobile Assembly Plants



Commerce, 1929-1971



Los Angeles, 1916-1930 (Santa Fe?)

Pico Rivera, 1957-1980 (Santa Fe)

Long Beach, 1930–1959

Commerce (Lincoln-Mercury)


General Motors

South Gate, 1936-1982

Van Nuys, 1947-1992 (Southern Pacific)


Kaiser Frazer

Long Beach, 1947-1955?


Nash Motors

El Segundo, 1948-1955



Vernon, 1936-1956 (Los Angeles Junction Railway)


Toyota (Truck Beds)

Long Beach, 1972-2004



Maywood 1928-1954

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