Was there ever a clinic on Delano-based paint and weathering?

Andy Carlson

About 10 years ago, Richard Hendrickson gave a Naperville clinic on steam era weathering and how it differed markably from the post-steam era. To illustrate the idea, Richard's screen had a lot of Maxwell's pre-war Kodachrome shots of freight trains traversing through Colorado canyons.  With D&RGW articulated power, many shots with mid-train and rear helpers. Dozens of freight car illustrating the extreme weathering captured brilliantly for such a cool time without of lot of color photos.

As the subject was about how severe much of the freight cars' finishes were, Richard took advantage of some screens to make a point about some non-weathered issues of railroads.

My favorite was when he pointed out a Grand Trunk Western box car, which may have been a single sheathed auto car among the consist of a beautiful freight train. The professor instincts came out as he asked "What is a GTW box car doing here in Tennesee Pass?" Some wag in the audience yelled out "about 10 miles per hour".

Richard took audience participation as well as anyone, as we have seen over the years at the RPMs. Adding to his rail history, his sense of humor was a joy to be around and he was kind to the heckler. He left us way too early, and I miss him a lot.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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No one has mentioned the Robert Maxwell Colorado color from the 1940s, both standard and narrow gauge. Many of the images have beautiful color.


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