Offered again: HO WP 1916 built 40' SS box car resin parts

Andy Carlson

Back in October I offered HO castings for a WP 40' single sheathed box car. Originally numbered in the 15001-16000 series, a class of 1000 cars which lasted in interchange until the early 1950s.

These castings had some issues which I considered blems--a nice car can be built with attention paid to the small issues.

I now have one set of parts which can be offered for the price of $45 and I pay shipping to the US.

See my original post copied below for more details.

Inline image
Inline image
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I have been preparing a return to offering a select few resin HO box cars. The tooling for this HO box car was made over 20 years ago.

I have enough parts for two of these WP box cars.

The buyer will get the following parts for two cars:

2 SS sides
1 plain end
1 end with lumber door
1 roof (Newly re-tooled to correct drawing errors)
Several roof support cross ties
1 under frame
1 set of under frame cross members and cross ties

These sides are from reworked pattern mold box and are straight but with some small flaws, such as an air bubble.

Because of the blems I am reducing the price for this one car.
Purchase the above parts with shipping for $45.00

No paint, decals, trucks brake equipment are included.
I have just the single casting set to be offered.

I accept checks or money orders. With a small fee I accept PayPal.

Contact me at <midcentury@...> of list please for more details.

(I can offer a full set of 1st run parts for $55.)


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