Re: Car ID just for fun

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

David Thompson wrote:

The tank looks like a pre-1917 GATC car (though that doesn't tell you whose car it is), and I'll suggest that the car
behind it is a C&O steel-sheathed rebuild of their 1920s auto boxes (the narrow door is on the right)".

    Thanks David. I'm not familiar enough with the C&O car roster to question you on that but certainly ruled out Boston
& Albany as soon as noting that the 1/2 door was on the right rather than the left of the full door. The lettering on the
right side also troubles me as the first line looks like it might be two words and rather than an ampersand in the middle
it looks instead like the word "and" written out on a downward slope to the right. Doesw anyone else see this?

Cordially, Don Valentine

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