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Richard Remiarz



How long has it been since you added the decal setting fluid?  I had a similar problem with one of the cars I was finishing last week.  By the next day the discoloration had gone away.  It happened again when I added more decal setting fluid.  Something in the Microscale decal setting fluid was softening the Future, but given enough time, the Future dried clear again.  Hopefully that is what is happening in your case.



Rich Remiarz

Vadnais Heights, MN


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Decaling and future


Seem to be having a strange reaction between my decals,  decal setting solution, and the future on the side of the tichy rebuilt boxcar. I painted it a few weeks ago, and then clearcoated it with future a week ago, and I’m now decaling using speedwitch decals. I’m getting areas of discoloration that don’t look like normal air trapped under a decal. It’s like a reaction between the setting solution and future. You can even see a little discoloration between the Herald and data that is not decaled. It’s not happening with every decals. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. Has anyone ever experienced this?

Paint was Vallejo, Future is probably 5-10 years old.

My thought is to shoot the other side with gloss again before decaling.

Heavy weathering is in the future (no pun intended) I fear.

Brian J. Carlson


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