Re: Was there ever a clinic on Delano-based paint and weathering?


   with all due respect, are you positive that presentation was "only ten years ago"? 
     Not meaning to single that out, after my brother Brian passed away, I am going through a lot of his old Naperville meet data (he set aside all the "folders" Martin used to give us) and and it honestly shocks or surprises me how long ago some of Richards (and Richard and Tony's) presentations were. Comments about Richard are right on.
     You left out the often always SRO of the rooms when Richard was presenting. Get there as soon as the prior presentation broke or stand in the doorway, all presentation long. 
    Of photos, I do recall though with clarity, as Tony relayed in an earlier msg, Richard stating "And you would not believe how dirty the cars were, especially when steam locomotives were still running."  He stated that more than once. Words of enlightenment and wisdom for those who cared to listen.                       Jim Dick - St. Paul, MN 

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