Chicagoland 2019 Minikit

Bob Chapman

It seemed appropriate to work on Chicagoland’s 2019 Minikit the weekend of this year’s scheduled event. A thanks to George Toman, Lester Breuer, and John Golden, whose earlier posts offered inspiration and useful tips. My effort mostly followed the basic Chicagoland instructions, with a few exceptions.
Chicagoland supplied resin diagonal corner braces in two different widths (.040” and .060”) for top and bottom, while prototype photos show a consistent width of about .060”; I substituted .010” x .060” styrene strip for the cast resin braces. Accurail’s outside-brace members are channels vs. the prototype’s Z-members; following George’s lead, I added .010” x .040” styrene strips atop the channels (yes, Accurail’s riveted bottom flanges face the wrong way on the verticals, but a small price for those neat Z-shadows like George’s). Weathering is a combination of washes, powders, and pencils.     
Bob Chapman

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