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Steve and Barb Hile

I don’t think that there are kits for the C&O cars.  They were rebuilds of double sheathed cars from the mid 1920’s that were done in 1941 and 42 to add steel sides and door and a half.


From Carl Shaver’s books:


C&O 12000-12168 were done in 1941 from C&O series 82000-82999 which had been built in 1924-25 by Illinois Car & Mfg Co

C&O 13558-13828 were done in 1942 from C&O series 83000-83999 which had been built in 1924 by Pullman (as Hocking Valley 34000-34999.)


There is a Howard Ameling photo of 12020 in the second volume of Shaver’s book.


Steve Hile


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Always good to hear from you Ben, you give it straight ;  ))

But, I don’t want to be one of those that uses “There’s only an ‘inferior’ model available so therefore I can’t model whatever?”. There’s also the late Stan Rydarowicz’s rule of diminishing returns. Compromise is the order here. I will be using the MDC car, just need to know which roads had cars ‘close’.

As for the C&O rebuilt box car, is there a model available of that?

Clark Propst


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