Re: Decals for scale locations and light weights just need the B&O

Garth Groff and Sally Sanford


The following list was compiled when we had this discussion a number of years ago on the old group, which IIRC was orchestrated by Richard Hendrickson. You will need to consult B&O fans for the top picks. Why I recorded this list is beyond me at this point, but it is scribbled into my ORER. I think I was most interested in those roads that connected with the WP. I see that I have a few more odd roads. It might take some time tomorrow, but I can supply them all if you wish.

BA--Brooke Ave Yd, Rochester NY
BW-Brunswich, MD
CE-Chillicothe, OH
CU-Cumberland, MD
DU-Dubois, PA
ES-East Salamanca, NY
GA-Garrett, IN
GW-Glenwood Yard, Pittsburgh
IV-Ivorydale, OH
KY-Keyser, WV
LF-LaFayette Car Works
LN-BR&P Shops, Lincoln Park, NY
LP-Locust Point, MD
MC-Mount Clare, MD
MD-Moofield, Yard, Indianapolis
NE-Newark, OH
PV-Painesville, OH
WA-Washington, OH
WI-Willard, OH
HAG-Hagerstown, MD
BY-Barr Yard, Chicago
CV-Connesville, MD
GRF-Grafton, (OH?)

Are the old messages archived somewhere? This was quite a long thread.

I just noticed that I have two for the GN:

STC-St. Cloud, MN
SUP-Superior, (MN?)

Yours Aye,

Garth Groff  🦆

On Sun, Nov 15, 2020 at 2:26 PM Charlie Duckworth <omahaduck@...> wrote:
I've got all the major roads on the spreadsheet and see that the B&O was missing.  If someone can furnish the top 5 or 6 scales for the B&O I’ll add these and start scanning photos for Hubert’s reference.

I know the Mopac’s light weight and month and year were 3 inches tall - were there any exceptions (taller lettering) to this?


Charlie Duckworth
Omaha, Ne.

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