Re: Car ID just for fun

Benjamin Hom

Clark Propst wrote:
"But, I don’t want to be one of those that uses “There’s only an ‘inferior’ model available so therefore I can’t model whatever?”. There’s also the late Stan Rydarowicz’s rule of diminishing returns. Compromise is the order here. I will be using the MDC car, just need to know which roads had cars ‘close’."

Go back and read my last post - NYC (links and photo provided previously) and DL&W.  Also IC.  Do something about that side sill and those too-shallow hoppers.

Frankly, you're better off using the Ulrich offset triple, which is actually an excellent model of a B&LE 90-ton car.  [It differs from the other cars by having more side posts (visible in the offset).] 

Ben Hom

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