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"Andrew S. Miller" wrote:

Most hoppers remained on home roads. So much so that the freight car
registry doesn't even summarize hoppers for each road like they do
other car types.
If Andy would amend his statement by saying that MOST bituminous coal
loadings were originated in home road hoppers, I could agree.

For instance, at any time, there were probably more N&W and C&O hoppers
off-road than at home even though there was a Car Service Bureau Order
requiring that empty C&O and N&W hoppers on foreign roads be returned
home empty. Far more coal which the C&O and N&W originated was
terminated on foreign roads than on home rails. Accordingly, in 1947,
the amount of cars which the N&W and C&O owned was far in excess of the
daily average of home & foreign freight cars on line - in 1947, the
percent of freight cars owned as a percent of freight cars on line were:
- N&W, 168.2%; C&O, 117.2% vs. the PRR's 91.8% - the B&O had a 109.2%.

Therefore, as a PRR fan, 70% of your hoppers should
PRR (bless you Bowser) For those occasional furriners that wander in
and out perhaps the most important factor is your region.
The important factor is determining (or estimating) on which road the
loaded hoppers carrying bituminous originated for the particular stretch
of track being modeled. Unlike boxcars with their national distribution
of ownership patterns, hoppers were far more regionally distributed.

There were, however, extreme examples of a N&W hopper going over UP's
Sherman Hill carrying Pocahontas Coal mined in West Virginia. Bituminous
Coal mined in Pennsylvania was not in demand in the West although there
were examples of RDG hoppers carrying anthracite going over Sherman Hill
before WW II. Western coal was not in demand in the east during the
Steam-Diesel transition era.

Compared to Bituminous Loadings, there appears to have been less home
road loadings of Anthracite in northeastern Pennsylvania. Anthracite
loadings were largely restricted to cars owned by roads originating -
RDG, LV, CNJ/CRP, DL&W, L&NE, D&H and PRR. It would be rare for a B&O
loaded with Anthracite even though a high proportion of the bituminous
carried by the RDG was originated on the B&O.

If you
PRR east then you could see B&O, C&O and maybe Southern. C&O fleet
the largest, if that helps. If you model PRR west, then IC, Wabash,
and maybe Southern. In no case do expect to see ATSF on the PRR,
its truly lost.
The roads cited by Andy above are restricted to those models released by

Tim Gilbert

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