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Pierre Oliver


Can you provide documentation to support your assertion of only 10,000 being built before the construction was altered?
As well as can you support your assertion that the label "Domion Car" was the "label", when they were built by C.C.F., Eastern Car & Foundry, National Steel car, as well.
And frankly, I doubt very much that the purchasing railroads refered to this design as anything other than 36', steel frame, 30/40 ton boxcars.
Fowler boxcar and Dominion Car are, in my opinion, labels generated my modelers and historians

Pierre Oliver
On 11/16/20 5:55 a.m., Donald B. Valentine via wrote:

Hi Garth,

     Please name even one stock car built that used the Fowler Patent. This nonsense began with my old friend Al Westerfield.
The fact of the matter is that fewer than 10,000 BOX CARS were constructed that utilized this patent before it was found to
be an unneeded extra expense and was dropped from use in construction of all further cars of this type that are more
properly known as Dominion Cars based upon the fact that Dominion Car & Foundry was the initial builder of such cars.
How long is this ridiculous misnaming of the type going to continue?

Cordially, Don Valentine

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