Re: Photos: Bangor & Aroostook Flat Car 71710 With Army Tanks (Undated)

Bruce Smith

Garth, Folks,

This set of photos is a companion to a set of photos of NC&St.L FM-7 #70035 with a similar load. We discussed BOTH loads back in April of 2017. This appears to have been a load test with full rigged M3A1 tanks and as I said then "of which 300 were produced by the American Locomotive Company between February and August 1942.  272 were powered by Wright radial aircraft engines, while 28 were powered by Gurberson T-1400-2 diesels.”

The M3A1 variants on both can be recognized as early to mid production by the presence of the side doors with pistol ports. The M3A1 on the BAR car being a slightly later variant than those on the NC&St.L car as shown by the counterweight noted by Elden. 

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On Nov 16, 2020, at 2:53 PM, Garth Groff and Sally Sanford <mallardlodge1000@...> wrote:


Am I seeing a distinct dip in the BAR flat car with the tank?

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On Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 12:58 PM Steve Summers via <> wrote:
The tanks are US M3 Lee tanks.  They were built late 1941 to the end of 1942.  They began to be replaced by the better M4 Sherman tanks (a lot were sold to the British). The Lee was not a very good tank but that’s beyond the scope of this group, but it gives a time frame, late 1941- 1943, that they would have been expected to be shipping on a flat car.

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Photos: Bangor & Aroostook Flat Car 71710 With Army Tanks (Undated)
Photos from the National Archives of Canada:
These photos can be enlarged quite a bit.
Bob Chaparro
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