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You can broaden that shipping time frame a bit. M3 tanks were used for training in several locations around the United States. In addition, some M3 Lees were rebuilt into other types of vehicle, for example M31 tank recovery vehicles, so traffic in M3s continued well beyond the end of production and to a more limited extent could probably be seen through the end of the war. I do plan to have a couple M3s being shipped to Baldwin Locomotive works for conversion to M31s.

The common M3 variant sold to the British was the Grant, which had a different turret with no commanders cupola and a bigger bustle (for the radio) although the brits did also get some Lees. The Soviets also received M3 Lees via lend lease, both by Atlantic and Pacific routes. 

All of which make excellent flat car loads. 



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The tanks are US M3 Lee tanks.  They were built late 1941 to the end of 1942.  They began to be replaced by the better M4 Sherman tanks (a lot were sold to the British). The Lee was not a very good tank but that’s beyond the scope of this group, but it gives a time frame, late 1941- 1943, that they would have been expected to be shipping on a flat car.

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Photos: Bangor & Aroostook Flat Car 71710 With Army Tanks (Undated)
Photos from the National Archives of Canada:
These photos can be enlarged quite a bit.
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