Re: Weathered NKP gondolas

Eric Hansmann

Thanks, Doug!


To answer your question, gondolas could haul anything that fits. A few images of these NKP gondolas show them with aggregate loads, possibly gravel or sand. But they could haul steel plate and steel shapes that were less than 40-feet in length. Crated or tarp-covered loads from manufacturers are another possibility. Rough cut lumber is another option.


These cars could wander, too. They were not restricted to NKP rails.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN



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Those are fabulous, Eric.  The only things I know about NKP are from Emery Gulash's 1960s video footage and Tony Koester's articles on his own layout.  What might these have hauled?  

Doug Polinder
Lowell MI and Poquoson VA

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