Re: Bill Welch

Robert kirkham

I didn’t really know Bill or his family, but was shocked when he advised of his diagnosis.  The suddenness of his death will be very hard for them.   I’m sorry for them and hope the thoughts for his remembrance service make it memorable.  

I will miss the unique vitality and knowledge he brought to clinics and emails, and grateful to what he shared with us.  His modelling has been an inspiration.  And our community will be less with his passing.

It's been a hard year.    


On Nov 17, 2020, at 10:33 PM, Tom Madden via <pullmanboss@...> wrote:

There are getting to be too many empty chairs at the table....

Nine weeks from diagnosis to death.....

Bill was already planning his memorial service when he notified some of his friends of his situation. He had hoped it could be held while he was still alive to enjoy it, but that was not to be. So we'll have to celebrate Bill's life without him. A gentleman and a gentle man, Bill leaves an amazing legacy of accomplishment and inspiration. A life well lived.....

Tom Madden

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