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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Bruce and List Members,
Thanks Bruce for the illuminating words on the topic.
One other possibility (the one I would chose if I were inthe crew's shoes...) might be to get the door to tear off completely and onto the ground, and then two or three crew members could heft it into the boxcar interior - assuming the car was empy, or the load allowed enough room for this...
Claus Schlund

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And if it happened on the road, the car would be set out at the next siding, unless the crew could secure the door in a safe manner. The car, if set out, would either be repaired in place, or have the door secured and moved, likely in a “hospital train” to the next yard with a RIP track where it would be repaired and then sent on its way.  Note that a loaded car would have to have its contents inspected and secured as well.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Claus Schlundwrote:

This box car is having a problem with its door - I dare someone to model that!

   Only on the RIP track. It would never be allowed out on the road (unless it had JUST happened en route).

Tony Thompson

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