Re: Bill Welch

Donald B. Valentine <riverman_vt@...>

    I have enjoyed Bill Welch's work ever since joining the STMFC and especially enjoyed learning from him and sharing what little info I had on "watermelon cars" as we always called ventilated boxcars in Northern New England due to that being their most commonly seen cargo here. Owing to schedule conflicts with work I've never been able to make a Cocoa meet but was super pleased to meet Bill when he came north for the New England Prototype Modelers Meet in 2019. I enjoyed his clinic, and took many notes, and was pleased to find him in attendance at my clinic which he seemed to enjoy as I had his. A modeler par excellence and a gentleman of the highest quality. Hope we all get to enjoy Bill and his modeling when we meet again in our 
next lives. Another tragic loss for us all.

RIP Bill, Don Valentine

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