Re: Photos: Bangor & Aroostook Flat Car 71710 With Army Tanks (Undated)

Bruce Smith


With respect to M3 Lees and National Guard units, a qualified yes, but only in the context of early to mid 1942, and activated Guard units. Post war, the surplus of M4 Shermans meant that the M3s were scrapped. We did not send them to any foreign countries post-war. During the war, following the establishment of training facilities and the supply depot systems circa late 1942, the remaining domestic M3 tanks were assigned to training facilities, not units. Any rail movement of these tanks after about mid 1942 would be to training centers, both domestic and overseas, to Allies through lend-lease, to remanufacturing facilities for conversion to M31 and M33, and post war, to scrap yards and a few to museums.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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    The photo of the NC&StL flat car with two lee tanks is helpful Bruce. Note that it too has a cable along the side between the inner piece of the stirrup steps on each end. Thus I believe you are correct about both this and the two BAR car photos are
of test loads with the purpose of the cable, as I suggested, being to help note the amo9unt of depression in the decks of the 
cars, perhaps to see how much it might have change between points "A" and "B".

    Were any of the Lee tanks used to equip National Guard units?

My best, Don Valentine

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