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Charles Peck

Oh Dear!  Loss on top of loss on top of loss.  When we can start 
having meets again, it may feel as much like a memorial service 
as a celebration of modeling.
And yet, as much as we will miss our friends, their families' sorrow 
is so much greater.  Let us remember them all as well.
Chuck Peck

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All I needed to read was the subject line.  Aw, Damn.


Of course, I will miss Bill’s posts to the STMFC and Resin list. Always pushing the envelope (and shaving rivets) to get just the right pattern.  Who else had noted that brake staffs are sometimes square, and then searched to find small square wire so as to model that?  Who else (outside of a Shake’n’Take) takes progress pictures and explains Exxactly how he did that?  And I was pleased to see him sign up for the last Shake’n’Take


I’d recently been corresponding with him about architecture, how brick buildings were built, as he was setting about building a building for a layout.  It was a pleasure to be sharing something I know a lot about with a master modeler – his questions were all about how to make the windows in the brick wall look right, how to do it the way the masons did.  Unfortunately, that building will not be completed, at least not by Bill.


I have to say that one of the high points of my own modeling was at Cocoa, when he looked at a couple of my projects and pronounced them to be “Very nice, Schuyler, very well done.”


2020.  Greg Martin.  Denny Anspach.  And now Bill.  This is a very tough year.




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Sad hobby news has reached my computer. Our favorite extreme modeler and Dodger fan, Bill Welch, passed away Sunday afternoon, November 15th, 2020. This was reported by his niece on his Facebook timeline. Bill's work has touched and inspired so many in our group and at RPM events across the years. A Zoom celebration of Bill's modeling life will be announced shortly.


Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN

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